CHAMPS is focused on creating and implementing software solutions that enable large enterprises optimize the life cycles of their capital assets. These assets include the work force, equipment, facilities, vehicles, tools and spare parts. Efficient acquisition, maintenance, repairs, replacement or salvaging of these critical assets result in operational excellence, leading to decreased cost and increased profits.

CHAMPS solutions are implemented by integrating software components developed with web architecture. Each component incorporates domain expertise and business knowledge amassed over 30 years of working with many of the world’s largest organizations.

As a result of comprehensive functionality and complete flexibility, CHAMPS solutions have been deployed at some of the most unique projects, such as DOE’s nuclear spent fuel vitrification project at Hartford and Westinghouse’s Fleet Maintenance System at Waste Isolation Pilot Plant in Carlsbad NM.

With advances in technologies, CHAMPS has now developed infrastructure to modernize legacy application or develop new web architected custom applications that addresses the concerns of most CIOs or CTOs faced with outsourcing choices, getting their solutions developed quickly and cost effectively.

CHAMPS BI Division offers Business Intelligence solutions for enterprises to transform their data into meaningful and actionable information to gain competitive advantage and increase profits.

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